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Róisín Adams is a classically trained jazz/contemporary piano player and teacher based out of Vancouver. She strongly believes in the benefits of early exposure to music and the positive benefits music has on health and cognitive/social functioning.

Teaching Philosophy

Adams is inspired by the proven holistic and healing properties of music. She strongly believes in the positive benefits of early and lifelong exposure to music, for physical health, cognitive development and social functioning.

Her teaching approach emphasizes the development of a foundation of knowledge and intuition. She adapts her teaching methodology to suit each individual’s interests, experiences and abilities. Being a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer, she embraces and offers diverse and innovative perspectives in music.

A typical lesson with Adams is structured in three parts: warm up exercises, to bring a relaxed awareness to the practice session; current repertoire, including short pieces, studies, and longer compositions; and student-lead explorations of improvisation and sound, to facilitate creative expression from a place of curiosity and playfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is 4 years old too young to start learning piano?
Although highly dependent on the child, it is my belief that a combination of learning about songs, rhythm and fundamental theory in an experiential way will help to grow music appreciation and prime any young mind for learning piano.
How long do I need to practice?
When it comes to practicing, it is quality over quantity! Most of what I target in lessons is how to set up a student for success at home. In your private lessons, we will create personalized weekly goals and I will give you a set of recommendations on how best to approach meeting those goals. My ultimate goal is to encourage each of my students to learn how to challenge themselves (and reap the rewards)!
How much do I need to practice?
Aim for a little bit everyday (10-20 mins) or start with 4 days a week and work on increasing it to 5 days a week, etc. Consistency is key when creating your home practice: try practicing at the same time of day (mornings are a great time), scheduling “piano time” in your calendar and setting reminders/alarms.
What books do I need to buy/bring?
Based on your skills and interests, I’ll be able to suggest books and pieces that might peak your interests or be completely different from what you know you like! My aim is to open people to as many different kinds of music as possible while encouraging their growth.
I want to play piano but am not interested in learning how to read music. Can I still take lessons?
Music is an aural art form and there are many styles of music that don’t require one to read it. I’d be happy to contribute to your personal musical journey with or without books!


Róisín being a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer, she has great diversity and perspectives in music.

Adams is a classically and contemporary trained musician and composer, with an extensive teaching experience background. She was introduced to the piano at age six, and soon completed all Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Throughout high school, she studied composition, trumpet, french horn and choir, and worked as an accompanist for local private vocal instructors during their lessons.

During her studies in psychology, literature and arts at the University of British Columbia, Adams worked as an Applied Behavioural Analyst, providing therapy to teens with Autism. She also worked as a vocal instructor and rehearsal accompanist for Stagecraft Theatre School in Metro Vancouver, and worked as an Educational Instructor at a private school for autism-spectrum children, where she led daily group music classes and provided individual tutoring.

During her music studies at Vancouver Community College, Adams developed and delivered two 10-week introduction-to-piano courses for 4-5 year olds and 6-7 year olds. She also taught these popular introductory classes, as well as private lessons, at the West Vancouver Community Centre (2013 – 2014).


At the age of 6, Róisín was introduced to the piano, and consequently, a life long musical journey!

Adams holds Royal Conservatory of Music Certificates (Piano, Grade 10; Harmony and History, Grade 4)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religion, Literature, and the Arts from the University of British Columbia (2003 – 2008)

Degree in Jazz/Contemporary Piano at Vancouver Community College (2011 – 2014).

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