Róisín Adams

Pianist / Composer

“This City” by Róisín Adams

“Is the sound of traffic music?” writes John Cage in his collection of essays and lectures entitled Silence. This City taps into the unceasing motion that is undoubtedly perpetuated by the city and it’s inhabitants. Capturing the day’s cyclical energy, it is divided into three movements: I – Daytime, II – Evening, III – Dawn. This video showcases half of Hildegard’s Ghost, Elisa Thorn on harp and Róisín Adams on piano, performing at the beautiful Pyatt Hall as a part of Sonic Boom Festival, 2014.

Piano: Róisín Adams, Harp: Elisa Thorn

Classically trained pianist/composer Róisín Adams’ artistic interests lie at the fertile intersection of composed and improvised music, as well as in bold interdisciplinary collaborations with visual artists, poets, puppeteers, filmmakers and contemporary dance artists.